I use tarot and oracle cards as tools for reflection and contemplation. Rather than divining the future, they are a way for me to look more deeply at the "now."
"The goal isn't to arrive, but to meander, to saunter, to make your life a holy wandering." ~ Rami Shapiro

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Time Creates Clarity

From the Tarot of the Secret Forest, the Seven of Pentacles; from the Faeries' Oracle, "Geeeeeooo the Slooow:"
          It looks like the caterpillars had a good season, as their butterfly forms flutter along the path. They succeeded in not being plucked up by a bird as they munched their way through the forest. Their chrysalises were cleverly concealed as they dissolved their bodies to create a new form. And now they have emerged, transformed into nectar-seeking fliers. I suppose next season's success will be based partly on how well they adapt to change and partly on good fortune. While I can't change my luck, I can learn to adjust and roll with what comes. Geeeeeooo appears to emphasize the need for patience rather than impulsiveness when it comes to adaptation. He prefers setting a pace one can maintain while waiting for the natural unfolding of things. Trying to forcefully push or pull elements into alignment will only create more messes; he suggests waiting for the water to clear so what is there can be seen. Decisions will be made and actions taken, but first it is important to observe without assumptions. Time will create clarity.


  1. The Geeeeooo has a very timely message for me. Lately I notice how hasty I am which cause misunderstandings( mental) or bump into things an trip over my own feet(physical). Going slowly, more mindfully will often get me more out of the day. Hopefully I don't forget this while rushing of to stores to get my groceries :D

    1. When I have an idea, especially one that I think will help or improve things, I tend to want to dive right in. I need to check the depth of the water first, then watch to see if there might be sharks below! :D

    2. Let's both breath and push the pause button :)