I use tarot and oracle cards as a tool for self-inventory. Rather than divining the future, they are a way for me to look more deeply at the "now."

Saturday, August 23, 2014

How's Your Luck?

This week I'll be using the Neuzeit Tarot, created by Walter Wegmüller and published by AGMüller. The oracle I'll be using is a combination of Rory's Story Cubes (Original set and Voyages set), created by Rory O'Connor and published by Gamewright. Today's draws are the Page of Pentacles and the cubes "Moon/Magnifying Glass:"
Would this Page's dad be proud of him for being such an entrepreneur? Probably not if he gets busted by the gambling commission for running an illegal game. Yet there are always people looking to make an easy, fast buck. When I go get gas at the curb store, people are constantly lined up waiting for lotto tickets. Yet this Page's jester hat should be a clue that the odds of winning is slim and none. I imagine the only real winner is the Page who is raking in money from the players. The Moon cube suggests that there's not a lot of clarity here, and the Magnifying Glass suggests reading the fine print and taking a closer look at things. In this case, if the deal sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Trading Snow for Snakes

From the Mary-El Tarot, the Five of Disks; from the OH Cards, "Aura/Depend:"
My first reaction to the Mary-El card was favorable, seeing no starving, crippled folks wandering in the snow. But then I realized the man's braids were snakes... <shudder>. I spent many years living on a large farm, which was a little slice of heaven for a kid. But the large number of snakes there all seemed to be around 5 to 6 feet long and come with rattles. I developed a healthy fear of them as a child which became more intense and less realistic as an adult. And this smiling guy is covered in them. But over his heart is a peaceful, pastoral scene; he is happy because he knows there is a spiritual solution to his situation. Not that some superman-like deity or fairy godmother is going to magically change his circumstances. Instead, when he taps into that inner resource, he'll find peace, strength, wisdom and guidance. Which I hope like hell will tell him to go to the nearest barber and get a shave and buzz cut.
The OH image card gives me the impression of an aura of sorts. I've never seen auras around other people or myself, but I sure have felt something akin to them. Some people naturally make me feel like I've had a soft, cotton quilt placed around me; other people make me feel like I've put my finger in a light socket. The "depend" word card suggests I should pay attention to these feelings and put my trust in them. Perhaps these sensations are a part of that inner self that resides in the heart.

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Go Naked

From the Mary-El, the Nine of Cups; from the OH Cards, "Go/Naked:"
Wow, that is one solid, chunky monkey (though he's a baboon, so I guess technically he's an ape). White says he represents Thoth, the god of math, science and measurement. A strange symbol for a cups card at first glance. The Nine of Cups is about feeling contentment and satisfaction, but I can understand how knowledge could give a person a feeling of confidence (or smugness) and make them feel good about themselves. My self-esteem gets a boost when I finally begin to assimilate what I've been studying. Yet there is a staircase behind the great ape that leads to the star, which leads me to the second card for today.
The OH combination of cards had me giggling with glee this morning. However, when I contrast this combo's message with the hairy ape, things get a little more serious. This ape is feeling good about himself, but he's missing something: someone to share the good with. He's going to have to climb down from his throne of knowledge and bare himself (or at least his heart), if he wants to connect with someone on an emotional level.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014


From the Mary-El Tarot, the Nine of Swords; from the OH Cards, "Progress/Habit:"
The sixes generally represent a return to harmony, a change that restores balance. In the Mary-El painting there is a white tower on land and a black tower in the sea, an image that suggests a sort of yin and yang. The eagle flies over both, moving toward the temple and city which Hathor watches over. Something has been lost or damaged in communication or the exchange of ideas. Truth and objectivity have been exchanged for opinions. The situation and people involved are not going to change. If I want things to be different, then I'm the one who will need to move in a new direction.
The OH Cards image shows a person charting and measuring growth and progress. The Habit word card implies something done on a regular basis. "How did I get myself involved in this mess?" is a phrase I hear often and have said myself. But keeping tabs on how things are progressing instead of letting them slide will prevent me from being caught off guard. If there is no open and honest exchange so that things might change for the better, then the alliance or association is bankrupt. It's time to move on.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Adjust Your Sails

From the Mary-El Tarot, the Page of Cups; from the OH Cards, "Fire/Father:"
The koi tattooed on this young boy shows how all of his thoughts move directly from his head to his heart. He walks around like a peeled grape, extremely sensitive to everything and everyone in his environment. And though he is tender-hearted, such intensity can wreak havoc because he takes everything so personally. In her companion book, White leads this entry with a Yiddish proverb: You cannot direct the wind but you can adjust your sails. The Page of Cups must learn the art of sailing through tumultuous seas without capsizing his boat.
The OH image card features a person about to stick his hand in a fire, while another grabs his arm to prevent him from doing so. The title card, Father, brings to mind a parental figure who tries to guide and protect another. Extreme emotions with no tools to manage them can cause the Page to act impulsively, often hurting himself. Yet he does have an adviser who is familiar with that kind of mindset and can teach him to pause rather than react. He can remind the Page those powerful feelings are like the booms of supersonic jets - attention-getting but fleeting.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Feminine Influence

From the Mary-El Tarot, the Seven of Wands; from the OH Cards, "Family/Women:"
Just the other day I drew the dark wolf, the one who slinks around hiding in the darkness. But this morning I chose the light wolf, who looks straight at me and doesn't hide at all. Her coloring (unless she lives where there is year-round snow) makes her stand out rather than blend in. She doesn't want to be petted and put in a zoo; she wants to have the freedom to follow her instincts. She reminds me that I must be assertive and have boundaries if I want to maintain my creative integrity.
The OH image card made me think of a mom walking her kids to school. Though both the children are nearly as tall as their mother and probably old enough to walk on their on, this appears to be an expression of protection. The Women title card made me smile, because as I have gotten older, I no longer see other women as "the competition." I have surrounded myself with a small group of trustworthy women who are honest enough to tell me when I'm full of BS but will stand and fight with me for any noble cause. They support and encourage me, and they make me remember the strength I have within myself.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

Get a Water Filter

From the Mary-El Tarot, the Five of Cups; from the OH Cards, "Hug/Violate:"
I was curious as to why this unicorn had eight legs; that waterfall must either be polluted or radioactive. But White explains its connection to Odin's eight-legged horse Sleipnir, who not only had incredible speed, but could bear its rider to the abode of the gods or the land of the dead. White refers to this card as "the wounded heart," a fitting description for the Five of Cups. The unicorn symbolizes a need to make something pure that has become sullied, to find a way to heal the hurt. The good news is seen in the pear and fig trees in the background; both are full of fruit, suggesting there are other sweet relationships waiting to be enjoyed. Time to saddle up and ride out of hell (taking a basket of fruit with me).
The OH card selections seem almost opposite each other in meaning. But if a person I was close to betrayed or used me, I would see that as a violation. Do I plot my revenge, waiting for the right moment to retaliate (meanwhile stewing in that polluted water)? Or do I learn from my encounter and try to be more discerning in my relationships? It appears from the Five of Cups that my time would be better spent with more trustworthy companions.