I use tarot and oracle cards as tools for reflection and contemplation. Rather than divining the future, they are a way for me to look more deeply at the "now."
"The goal isn't to arrive, but to meander, to saunter, to make your life a holy wandering." ~ Rami Shapiro

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Land or Sea, It's Okay with Me

From the Motherpeace Tarot, the Five of Cups:
Five spider-like starfish cling to five cups, with two overturning. Starfish are strangely, unique creatures. They have rows of tube feet under each arm that resemble suction cups but actually operate through the function of adhesive chemicals. Have you ever tried to open a clam with just your fingers? Starfish have no problem latching on to bivalves and prying them apart. Usually the Five of Cups makes me think of a sorrowful kind of self-pity, but this particular card reminds me of people I allow in my life who suck the joy out of me. They are who they are, so I might as well not waste my time complaining about them. But I need to warm up my pitching arm and toss them back out to sea.

From the Toltec Oracle comes "Ometeotl:"
Ometeotl can be translated as "sacred duality," so I was curious as to why Sanchez called it a trinity. In the Toltec understanding of the world, there is the tonal (earthly perception) and the nagual (spiritual perception). Rather than seeing one as better than the other, they see both as necessary and use Ometeotl to create a sacred union between the two sides. Like a three-legged stool or a triangular frame in a roof, it integrates the opposites and brings harmony instead of discord. In adding this card's meaning to the one above, it seems I would do well to stop fighting or focusing on who or what appears to be antagonistic to my ideals. Everyone has the right to their own opinions and beliefs, and as long as they don't try to shove them down my throat, I should be okay with that.

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Breathe and Bend

From the Motherpeace Tarot, the Star:
Water has always been associated with healing, whether used to cool a fevered brow or as a hot bath to relax tired muscles. This woman has a pool that is a protected sanctuary; it gives her time alone to rejuvenate her body and clear her mind. Only then will she be able to recognize and respond to the guidance available. The blue morning glories, which begin to open as the sun rises, indicate that each new day offers us a new beginning, a time to start over. But we don't even have to wait for twelve hours to pass - a long, deep breath can give us enough of a pause to rewind and reemerge too.

From the Toltec Oracle comes "Akatl:"
 Akatl, or "reed," was a plant utilized in various ways among the Toltec people. Reeds were used to create ceremonial arrows (as shown in the image above), as an effective fire starter, and as a spiritual symbol to represent flexibility. Whatever calls us, whatever we are passionate about, must be sustained. If we are too rigid in our approach, our fire will easily be put out. Sanchez warns that an unbending mindset might be confused with determination, but real strength allows for openness to other possibilities. To yield is not weakness but intelligence.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Tilting at Windmills

From the Motherpeace Tarot, the Eight of Swords:
I'm convinced this young lady is the granddaughter of Don Quixote, the man who fought windmills thinking they were giants. She whacks a brick wall with her sword, doing little to help herself out of the mental trap in which she finds herself. Humans are good at shaking the hornet's nest and creating a fight where there was none. We can easily distract ourselves with chaos to keep us from looking at the real problem - all the crazy assumptions and beliefs we give free rent in our heads. Looking at things from an objective point of view (the crows), it's plain to see all the girl in the card needs to do is use the piece of wood to climb out. Perhaps her fear keeps her from doing so; it's easy to convince ourselves the devil we know is better than the devil we don't know.

From the Toltec Oracle comes "Ketsalkoatl:"
Ketsalkoatl literally means "feathered serpent," and is one of the most important spiritual symbols of the Toltec people. It embodies what seem to be opposites - the eagle that flies in the air with the snake that crawls on the ground. The teaching behind Ketsalkoatl involves accepting the whole rather than trying to be all of one thing and none of the other. Humans will never be perfect; there will always be some good in the worst of us and some bad in the best of us. Those "all or nothing" thoughts and ideas can prevent us from enjoying our lives, never appreciating what is right in front of us.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Where's My Windex?

From the Motherpeace Tarot, the Hanged One:
I immediately identified the cypress trees in the Hanged One card; we have bald cypress trees just a stone's throw from my house. Their soft leaves, more like feathers than needles, are dropped in the winter (thus its common name). These cypress trees also develop "knees" in poorly drained areas or places where there is constant water. Originally it was thought these cone-shaped root projections provided the tree with oxygen when underwater, but now it is known that the knees provide support and stabilization. The Hanged One is like having the rug pulled out from under my feet; what I counted on to give me a sense of control and stability is suddenly gone. It illustrates the need for the surrender of my ego to what is. It teaches me to relax and accept the moment - to do anything else is futile. However as I wait in my suspended state, wisdom is available if I cease struggling and remain receptive.

From the Toltec Oracle comes "Teskatlipoka:"
Teskatlipoka literally means smoked mirror. Imagine finding an old mirror in an attic covered with dust and dirt; it would be impossible to see a clear reflection. The message of this card is that I am not seeing myself accurately (which might be the reason for the Hanged One above). The hand in the center seems to further block my view, almost as if fear is preventing me from taking a deeper look. The problem with distorted images is not only is it impossible to see my character flaws, but neither can I see my strengths. Maybe with a combination of Windex and meditation I can get rid of the dust.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

More Than Words

This week I'll be using the Motherpeace Tarot created by Karen Vogel and Vicki Noble and published by U.S. Games.  This morning's draw is the Magician:
Draped in a jaguar's skin, this shaman tries to climb inside its mindset, possibly to hunt for the animals her people need to survive. Her knife represents the energy of thought, and her torch symbolizes the passion that fuels motivation. This shaman uses her resources to bring forth a vision that can help her tribe. What she receives (or encounters) will be put to use in the world rather than employed for intellectual debate. Its purpose is to bring forth action. The Magician encourages me to have the confidence and strength of will to develop something with the inspiration I've been given.

The other deck I'll be using this week is the Toltec Oracle deck and book set, created by Victor Sanchez and published by Bear & Co.  This morning's card is "Koatlikue:"
Koatlikue - literally the one with the skirt of serpents - embodied Mother Earth for the Toltec people. She represented the sacredness of nature; it was recognized that all life came from her and would eventually return to her. Her love for humans and other life forms is concrete, shown by the bare breast in the image above. She provides a home, sustenance and even our bodies. Her message is that our freedom and fulfillment lie not in how much we can be loved, but in our limitless ability to love others. In other words, its not so much what I can get, but what I give.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Simmer for Full Flavor

From the Gaian Tarot, the Four of Air (Swords):
I like finding an empty nest so I can see all that the items the bird used to build it - twigs and vines, moss and leaves, and even bits of yarn or plastic streamers. Finding solutions to problems or inspiration for creative endeavors are often discovered the way nests are built. Imagination and illumination can be sparked from odd encounters of people or things, but before they can become something solid, they need a protected place to incubate. It's like the chili I make in the winter; though all the ingredients are added to the pot, simmering it for a few hours makes the flavor even better.

From the Goddess Oracle comes "Vila:"
Vila is the energy that moves through all of nature, shifting from plants to animals to clouds or even mountains. Her message is to check the flexibility of your thoughts and ideas - can they adapt or even change into other forms, or are they rigid and unbending? Sometimes I need to try or learn something new to get out of my rut. This card reminds me of the "Artist Dates" that Julia Cameron writes of in The Artist's Way: "Artist Dates fire up the imagination. They spark whimsy. They encourage play. Since art is about the play of ideas, they feed our creative work by replenishing our inner well of images and inspiration. When choosing an Artist Date, it is good to ask yourself, 'what sounds fun?' - and then allow yourself to try it." Fun sounds like a splendid idea for my day ahead.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hearts and Harbors

From the Gaian Tarot, the Child (Page) of Water:
This sweet little girl makes me smile, perhaps because she reminds me of my own daughter when she was that age. But kids grow up, and along the way they have their hearts hurt by people, groups and institutions. By the time of adulthood, most of us wear more armor than a medieval knight to protect ourselves emotionally. But this Page remains open-hearted and vulnerable, no matter what comes. She may experience heartbreaks and low points, but she still believes joy and kindness outshines them by a mile. Her message is not to stay with those folks who would take advantage of such tenderness, but to refuse to let the hurts of the past color the potential happiness of the present.

From the Goddess Oracle comes "Hestia:"
This is an interesting pairing of the Page's water with Hestia's fire. But the flame of this goddess is not about impulsive, headstrong passion. Her concern is of hearth and home - the qualities that make a house feel like a comfortable, safe haven. If I am going to maintain the Page's openness, I need a place where I can heal, unwind and rest from what I experience out in the world. Hestia encourages me to make my home sacred space, a place that feels as welcoming as a friend's hug.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013


From the Gaian Tarot comes the Elder (King) of Earth:
This particular Elder is successful in her enterprises, but it has nothing to do with luck. She combines common sense with hard work. She believes in starting with a firm foundation before taking on bigger projects. Resources must be available and requirements met before progress can be made. She is generous, and might supply knitted caps for warmth and a hot meal for her employees, because she knows when basic needs are met they have the capacity to do a better job. But she acts with purpose: to those whom much is given, much will be demanded.This Elder doesn't tolerate slackers or whiners - all will be held accountable for their actions or inaction. Today she asks me, "What are you doing with what you've been given?"

From the Goddess Oracle comes "Maya:"
Maya is often translated as "illusion," yet her power not only obscures our vision but can also free us from the delusion. It sounds a bit convoluted at first, but think of something hidden in plain sight - like me looking for my reading glasses that are perched on top of my head. Maya's purpose is deeper though; she hides my connections by pointing out how different I am. However, her mission is to awaken me to what's underneath that veil - my interconnection to all. She helps me understand that when I do what is beneficial for others, I also help myself. Seeing past her veil means seeing past my ego.

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Sugar and Spice Meet Snips and Snails

From the Gaian Tarot, the Lovers:
The Lovers imply an attraction to something or someone, such as a person, a creative endeavor or a career. The fascination and appeal is the easy part; it's the commitment to maintain the harmony and interest where it gets tough. The two birds illustrated often represent love, yet the dove can also symbolize peace while the swan can emphasize aggressiveness. The rose has the velvety softness of the petals as well as the sharp prick of the thorns. Love isn't only sugary sweetness either. The bower of greenery behind this couple give them a sense of privacy. That time spent alone (whether my love is a hobby or a spouse) is what is needed to sustain the integrity of that passion.

From the Goddess Oracle comes "Uzume:"
Uzume was a shamanic Japanese goddess who used a bawdy dance to lure the sun goddess out of hiding. The howls of laughter from the other deities were too much for Amaterasu's curiosity, who came out of her cave to see what the uproar was about.  Uzume teaches the usefulness of play, humor and not taking things too seriously.  In tying this card in with the Lovers above, I can't imagine any commitment lasting for long without being able to laugh and have fun along the way.

Monday, July 22, 2013

Eat Your Wheaties

From the Gaian Tarot, the Five of Water (Cups):
In the early morning fog, a woman sits on a dock, looking wistful.  A boat has drifted away from the shore in the background, indicating whatever she is wishing for - a lost opportunity, a chance to take back words said, a desire to have reacted differently - is now in the past and can't be changed.  But the drifting boat can also represent the present moment floating away too.  If she doesn't get her head out of the fog, she's going to have another wasted day to regret.  Girl, I hope that's a bowl of Wheaties in your hands, because you need to eat up and get on with your life.

From the Goddess Oracle deck comes "Tara:"
Tara is a Buddhist bodhisattva known as the "mother of liberation."  The lotus she sits upon has risen above the water, indicating a detachment from the emotional tentacles that are causing all the grief in the Five of Cups above.  She encourages meditation and receptivity in order to find that still point within that can ground a person in the "now."  It is here clarity can be found rather than the past or the future.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

To-Do List: Choose Gratitude

From the Gaian Tarot, the Six of Fire (Wands):
"Celebration is an active state, an act of expressing reverence or appreciation."
~ Abraham Joshua Heschel
Today's card brought to mind the email I sent to a few folks when I received the news that my biopsy showed no abnormalities. The tail end of the message said I would be dancing around the neighborhood if anyone needed to reach me, and indeed that was how I felt. When I got the nurse's call, there was an overwhelming feeling of appreciation and reverence for life. I was finally able to take a deep breath without my chest tightening, and my shoulders relaxed and dropped from earlobe level. As the t-shirt logo says, "Life is Good."

From the Goddess Oracle comes "Blodeuwedd:"
betray: to be false or disloyal to
This Welsh goddess married the Sun god, but then found another lover who helped her kill her husband. Only they didn't actually succeed, and she got turned into an owl for her offense. I struggled with the keyword for this card, because I couldn't think of anyone who had deceived me or that I had betrayed. But thinking in terms of the Six of Wands above, a light bulb clicked on. Last night I woke from sleep and immediately started worrying about another situation in my life. How could I go from that feeling of euphoria I experienced earlier to saddling myself with anxiety about something I had no control over? I was being disloyal in a sense to myself. I suppose at the top of my to-do list I need the reminder that life is worthy of my gratitude, and I can show it by what I choose to focus on. 

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Mindful Nurturing

This week I'll be using the Gaian Tarot deck and book set created and published by Joanna Powell Colbert.  This morning's draw is the Guardian of Fire (Queen of Wands):
I love being the fire tender at ceremonies; there is just something very soothing about watching the flames flicker and hearing the crackle of the wood burning.  But I have to pay attention too; I must feed the fire so that it doesn't go out, but at the same time, be careful that it doesn't burn out of control.  There must be a supply of wood available, and I must watch out for sparks that might light dry leaves outside the circle.  The Queen of Wands/Fire knows how to guard and nurture creativity in the same way.  She reminds me not to let my spark of inspiration go out, but mind it as carefully as I would a ceremonial fire.  It is an important part of my life that deserves to be maintained and developed.  The bobcat in the background is an animal we have here locally.  Though a small cat in relation to cougars, it can still take down a deer if it needs to eat; it teaches me not to be intimidated by the size of a project.

The other deck I'll be using this week is the Goddess Oracle, created by Amy Sophia Marashinsky and Hrana Janto and published by Element Books.  Today's card is "Mauve:"
Mauve was the intoxicating, warrior goddess of Ireland who represented the land's sovereignty.  In one Irish epic, the story is told of a great battle that ensued over cattle and wealth.  Mauve made decisions that caused much destruction and bloodshed just to prove a point.  She had to take responsibility for the choices she made and the results they produced.  Mauve encourages me to be mindful of my words and actions rather than instinctively reacting to people and situations.  Like the flames in the tarot card above, things can burn out of control quickly.  No one builds a ceremonial fire by just tossing a bunch of logs and sticks in a pile and tossing in a match.  I too need to use awareness and forethought before setting things into motion.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Emotional Assets

From the Legacy of the Divine, the Ten of Cups:
This card is probably among my favorites in this deck.  The fiery Sagittarius symbol and the watery Pisces symbol hanging from the mantel are also reflected in the relationship of the cat and dog. Can such different personality types learn to get along and enjoy such harmony? I think so, if the self-centeredness of the ego will step out of the way. We can help soften each other's sharp edges and provide each other with a different perception of the world. If I want to stay in this place of contentment and deep joy, I must not let the small stuff distract me from the emotional assets that abound.

From the Steps to Serenity comes "Anger:"
Have you ever started out your morning feeling light-hearted and happy, then run into a person who proceeded to try to convince you otherwise? I had that experience today, and I initially felt like the bear in this picture looks. How dare someone take away my good feelings! I'm not sure why, but some folks thrive on seeing the worst case scenario in every situation or believing there is a conspiracy behind everything that happens. However my job is not to change these people's ideas (which is impossible anyway), but not to react to them. If I let them affect my equilibrium, the fault lies with me.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Ahoy Matey!

From the Legacy of the Divine, the Three of Wands:
I couldn't help but think of the phrase "when my ship comes in" as I studied this image. Me being me, I had to go look up how it originated. In areas along the coast where families made their money from the sea, mothers and wives often had to run a tab with tradesmen for food, clothing or other supplies. When their husbands or sons returned and were paid, these women could pay off the credit they had been given (their ship - the one the family member was on - had literally come in). The Three of Wands is generally a positive card, showing the first results of a choice made and actions taken. But just as the ladies had to follow through on paying their bills, it also indicates a need to follow through with my commitments and obligations.

From the Steps to Serenity deck comes "Dependence:"
"My basic flaw had always been dependence on people or circumstances to supply me with prestige, security, and confidence." ~ How Bill Sees It
Mistletoe is a parasitic plant with a modified root that can attach itself to the tissue of tree branches. It can then absorb water and nutrients from the host plant; without the tree to support it, it will die. If I am constantly depending on outside sources to experience fulfillment, I will ultimately be disappointed. People, places and things are constantly changing in the world - nothing is permanent.  Even if my "ship comes in," it will ultimately have to return to sea. What I grow my roots in needs to be something stable and unchanging, if I want to have the joy that comes through equanimity.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Hard Evidence

From the Legacy of the Divine, the Five of Cups:
“Being a victim is more palatable than having to recognize the intrinsic contradictions of one's own governing philosophy.”
~ Tom Clancy, The Hunt for Red October
I truly don't think we humans would have been given the abilities to cry, feel sadness and overwhelming bewilderment if they didn't have some purpose. They're just part of the "How to Stay Sane While You Heal" package. But if I stay in this place of pity too long, that rut will become a canyon. My thoughts will shift to self-centered beliefs, focusing on how unfair life is, how unlucky I am, or how people don't appreciate me. I have to admit, this woman with mascara running down her face made me chuckle (like looking in the mirror minus the make-up). I really do understand the place she's at, where the water just seems to keep rising. She grasps those two whole glasses with fierce protection but not appreciation. It's like the mother who collects dolls for her daughter, but never allows her to enjoy playing with them. Time to take a big, long drink out of both cups and relish the sweetness they offer.

From the Steps to Serenity deck comes "Inventory:"
One of these things is not like the others,
One of these things just doesn't belong,
Can you tell which thing is not like the others
By the time I finish my song?
~ Sesame Street
Here's confirmation of a brood parasite - a bird that lays an egg in another bird's nest, and allows it to feed and raise it. I am prompted by this card to take an objective look at my thoughts, and find the misleading ones that are trying to infiltrate my belief system. All I have to do is follow the thread of my emotions back to the thoughts that produced them. The false beliefs are easy to find if I look for assumptions and projections; none of them will have hard evidence to back them up.


Tuesday, July 16, 2013

My New Friend, Reality

From the Legacy of the Divine, the Four of Cups:
“As long as you have certain desires about how it ought to be you can't see how it is.” ~ Ram Dass
This card is a slight twist to most Four of Cups; instead of ignoring the cups around him, he's focused solely on one.  Lately I've felt like I'm walking around with no skin  on - raw and exposed. Like this guy, I've been trying not to notice those other cups because they are filled with things that are frightening. They are the emotional monsters that wake me up in the middle of the night, cause my heart to pound and breathing to constrict. Of course this game I'm playing is a bit like Whac-a-Mole, as the fear never really goes away. The only solution I've found so far are my daily, early morning walks. Each footstep seems to chant Ram Dass's mantra, "Be here now."

“I am a lover of what is, not because I'm a spiritual person, but because it hurts when I argue with reality.” ~ Byron Katie
People new to the philosophy of 12 Step programs generally think of giving up when the topic of acceptance is raised. But what it actually involves is seeing with clarity what can and can't be controlled in my life. If I can do something I do it; if not, I don't. I heard a woman the other day use the phrase "snuggle instead of struggle." Of course my initial thought when I heard that was not a polite one, but sometimes you hear what you need instead of what want. It's time to cease fighting and wrestling with reality and instead get to know it a little better.  

Monday, July 15, 2013

Grasp Reflex

From the Legend of the Divine Tarot, the King of Wands:
The King of Wands knows his element well, understanding the advantages of fire as well as its destructive powers. His flame is contained, allowing it to be used for beneficial purposes and prevent accidents. The recent Zimmerman acquittal was followed by passionate responses across the country, some peaceful and some violent. Anger at the injustice is understandable, but I firmly believe that reacting with hatred will create more of the same. The resulting backlash will be a proliferation of paranoid gun owners - definitely not a constructive solution. No matter what is fueling my passion, positive change will only come if it is channeled in productive ways.

From the Steps to Serenity deck comes "Letting Go:"
"Life should be touched, not strangled." ~ Ray Bradbury
Stroke or place something in the palm of a newborn, and it will automatically close its fingers in a grasp. The grasp reflex only lasts a few months, but as the child grows into an adult, he or she begins to develop an urge to hold on to other more ephemeral things. When I try to control a situation beyond my ability, I become an emotional wreck. All that fiery, creative inspiration illustrated in the card above will go out with a sizzle, because my entire focus will be on changing what can't be changed. But if I can relax my grasp, I may be amazed at what appears in the palm of my open hand (and mind).    

Sunday, July 14, 2013

A Biopsy and a Boulder

This week I'll be using the Legacy of the Divine, a deck and book set created by Ciro Marchetti and published by Llewellyn. Today's draw is the Chariot:
If you've ever been on the back of a runaway, frightened horse, you know how hard it is to get 1000 pounds of muscle under control. As I wait on news from a biopsy, it's easy for my emotions to run helter-skelter. My brain will believe the source of my fear is based on reality, even when it may not be. Just because I have a reaction to something, doesn't mean there is truth behind it. The Chariot encourages me not to let my emotions take the reins now, but to focus only on what is factual. The woman lights up a pathway for her harnessed team to follow. I too desire to see with clarity; I don't need to worry until there is something real to worry about.

The oracle I'll be using this week is Steps to Serenity, a deck I created based on the principles of 12 Step programs.  This morning's card is "Simplicity:"
"When we 'Keep It Simple,' we try to take things at face value, looking at what is actually happening rather than the fifty things that might or might not follow."
~ How Al-Anon Works
It's easy for our imaginative human minds to magnify a simple stone into a boulder. And not just any boulder, but a one that weighs a ton, is rolling down a hill at 100 mph, and is headed straight toward me. Why is it so easy to picture the worst case scenario but so hard to envision the best? I need to adopt Winnie the Pooh's philosophy he discussed with Piglet as they walked through the woods on a blustery day. Piglet asked, "What if a tree falls on us?"  To which Pooh replied, "But what if it doesn't?"

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Attachment and Loss

From the Fairy Lights Tarot, the Four of Pentacles:
If you want to know how much you suffer from attachment, just lose something you enjoy or have a threat to your health. I've experienced both in the last few days. Storms knocked out our modem and router; while I've got the modem working, the router is another story (I'm envisioning backing over it with my car, followed by smashing what's left with a hammer). In this painting, a man leads a mule loaded down with everything plus the kitchen sink. I'm thinking the wrong one is having to carry all this stuff, though I'm sure the man sees the mule as a possession too. Actual loss or the real possibility of it can sharpen your focus, separating the wheat from the chaff. If I had to choose, I'd leave all that stuff behind if it meant I could have the blessing of good health.

From the Heart of Faerie Oracle, the "Lady of Unicorns:"
I groaned when I got this card - I just have a hard time imagining a horse with a horn stuck in the middle of its forehead. At least with fairies, I can think of them as some sort of dragonfly or something. But the biggest problem is this Lady symbolizes belief, and I just can't make myself believe something I don't. Perhaps "hope" would be a better keyword - not the kind of hope that is only an expectation to which I've pinned all my happiness. I mean the ability to I realize there are all sorts of potentials and possibilities out there that I'm unaware of. All things will be well, just maybe not in the way my ego wants to define them.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Live and Let Live

From the Fairy Lights Tarot, the Seven of Wands:
The fairy waving goodbye to a swirling group of lights is a departure from the usual RWS image of a man fighting off a crowd with a stick. Sometimes groups and institutions split because the goal of one faction and how they choose to reach it changes. Those who once supported each other and worked for a mutual cause have become divided. The best possible outcome is that each side will reform into two new divisions, and both will move toward their goal in their own way. It doesn’t always have to turn into mud-slinging and name-calling.  Peace and forward progress can be restored, but only if the objective and not resentment remains the focus.

From the Heart of Faerie Oracle, the "Hero:"
The Frouds use a woman to show the feminine side of valor. They write, “Think of love that lets us accept the differences in people and the beliefs around us. Think of love that is truly unconditional. That is heroism.” This card in combination with the one above suggests I choose the better way by allowing others to have their own ideas without trying to argue or prove that mine are better. It’s a big enough world for all of us.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

'Scuse Me While I Kiss the Sky

From the Fairy Lights Tarot, the Star:
This image is painted predominately with varying shades of indigo and black. They seem perfect colors for the dark night of the soul, when life seems too exhausting and hopeless to take even one more step. But against the darkness the stars can shine their brightest. The Star gently taps me on the shoulder and says, “Stop staring at that closed, boarded up door. There is another way, but you’ll need to look in a new direction to find it.” Sometimes it is only the darkness that can open my mind and heart to the light.

From the Heart of Faerie, "the Boy:"
Here is the Peter Pan of the fairy world who refuses to grow old and live his life in a rut. The Boy sees every challenge as an adventure rather than something to dread. He encourages me to put on my pirate hat and tell myself that the feeling of anxiety I’m experiencing is really only excited anticipation. This card reminds me of the Mac Nac Feegles (wee blue men from Terry Prachett’s creative genius) who believe they are already dead and living it up in their version of heaven. According to Feegle philosophy, if they die again they have to go back to a boring, real life.  On some strange level, that does make sense.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

One Scoop or Two?

From the Fairy Lights Tarot, the World:
The egg image from yesterday’s Prince of Light is repeated here, except this card shows the egg has hatched. What began as potential has been shaped into a complete form. An understanding has come full circle, allowing not only the final piece to be placed in the puzzle, but also the beginning of a new cycle. So what’s on the new agenda? Unfortunately life doesn’t hand out a syllabus; yet I imagine if I adopt the Fool’s trust and wonder, I’ll be pleasantly surprised as soon as I clean off the egg yolk.

From the Heart of Faerie Oracle, the "Lady of Joy:"
The Frouds explain this fairy is one that reminds us joy can be found in the everyday and in each moment. If I can avoid the shame and regrets of the past and the expectations and worry of the future, I will find this gift waiting to be unwrapped. The Lady also reminds me that joy is a well that never runs dry; I can share it with others without worrying that it will be used up. So how many scoops do you want today, and do you want chocolate drizzled on top too?

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Anyone Have a Rand McNally?

From the Fairy Lights Tarot, the Three of Coins:
A fairy stops to ask a lion-like creature for directions along her journey. I am amazed by the amount of information available to everyone; there always seems to be someone who know something about everything if I'm willing to seek them out. Even if I'm trying to blaze a new trail and do something that has never been done before, it will serve me well to find out what to avoid so I won't waste my time. Support and resources are all around me if I don't let my pride get in the way.

From the Heart of Faerie oracle comes the "Prince of Light:"
The Prince of Light offers an egg of potential to those who desire it. But it will require effort to see results: patient sitting to "hatch" it, then work to "feed" it before it will ever survive on its own. It would be nice not to have to struggle with a new project or skill so much, but when I look back, I will see what I learned and experienced in the process was the greatest reward.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Comfortable Refuge

From the Fairy Lights Tarot, the Ten of Coins:
A house sits on a high hill, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city below. This image gives me the feeling of a safe haven in a storm. Everyone needs a place where they can go to relax and unwind, a place where they can feel comfortable enough to "let their hair down." Not all homes have this essential characteristic. I've lived in a house where everyone tip-toed around, trying to be invisible and keep everything in perfect order. I've also been in one that was full of anger and chaos. There was no sense of security that allowed me time to enjoy the beauty in life in either one. Both places were a drain on my energy instead of a place to recharge my batteries. The rainbow the fairy places over the house reminds me that having a comfortable refuge, no matter how simple, is truly a blessing.    

From the Heart of Fairy deck comes the "Elven Knight:"
The Elven Knight is the consort of the queen, and leads processions from the fairy world into the earthly realm and back again. Many legends tell of humans being enchanted by watching the fairy troops; once drawn into the fairy realm, they never leave again. With the Ten of Coins above, this card cautions that I can become so comfortable in my cocoon, I never want to leave. If I isolate myself, I"ll begin to live in the fantasy land inside my head.  I need contact with the outer world and its activities to keep me grounded in reality.

Sunday, July 7, 2013

Enticing Exit Ramps

From the Fairy Lights Tarot, the Two of Wands:
As a man travels through a desert, a lovely sight catches his eye - a cascade of stars light up an oasis. He has somewhere he must be, a mission, but the pull of this enchanting vision is strong. I have a friend who is always on a new diet plan each time she calls. One week she might be trying out the diet and exercise plan at Curves, and the next she's on the Dolly Parton diet. She never sticks with anything for very long, because there's always something that looks more inviting (read: easy with quick results). Yet looking at the varied stack of books on my bedside table, I have no room to judge. I've read a few pages from each but never finished most of them, as there's usually another book I'm in a hurry to start. Dictionary.reference.com defines goal as "the result or achievement toward which effort is directed." If I wander off each enticing exit ramp I see, I'll never get close to my destination. It's not just the "starting" that will move me toward my objective, but the effort of day-to-day plodding along.

From the Heart of Fairy Oracle comes the fairy "Oh No:"
I always walk early in the mornings after I've fed the cats and myself breakfast. Today as I was heading out the door I noticed one of the cats had barfed all over the porch glider, so I had to stop and clean that up. As I was doing that, I remembered the clothes I had left in the washer all night which needed to be put in the dryer. My day is generally full of these types of incidents; this fairy reminds me to have a sense of humor and not take them personally. The moment I start thinking the Universe hates me and is out to get me, I'll start sitting on my pity pot and never get anything accomplished. Everyone has at least one "oh no" moment during the day - it's just part of living life.