I use tarot and oracle cards as tools for reflection and contemplation. Rather than divining the future, they are a way for me to look more deeply at the "now."
"The goal isn't to arrive, but to meander, to saunter, to make your life a holy wandering." ~ Rami Shapiro

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Watching from Windows

From the Cosmic Tarot, the Three of Wands:
This woman has certainly created what appears to be a miracle - three lotus blooms in a desert. The triangle of rods suggests the beginning of stability with her endeavor. But how in the world did she do it? I am reminded by this card of the magic that can happen when you add three ingredients together: self-confidence, support and effort. But like a three-legged stool, things aren't quite as secure as they could be. More work is going to be required (I'm thinking she may want to find an underground water source for a sprinkler system).

From the L'Oeil de Lotus comes the card "Expectation:"
The little booklet that comes with this deck describes this image as "nervous tension," a perfect way to define expectation. I don't suppose humans can suppress the habit of expectation, but a problem develops when we attach emotions to it. "I'll be so happy when this happens." "I'm going to be so sad when he goes away." Life is so full of chance and change, it's impossible to make an accurate prediction sometimes. Like the lady above, her flowers may die or multiply so fast she can hardly take care of them. Hope is fine, but it may be better to focus on developing equanimity in dealing with whatever is around the next corner.


  1. I remember my husband telling me we'd better buy a three legged garden table than one with four legs for they don't wiggle as much.:)
    Yes expectation could become troublesome when it lures us away from the present moment where anything is still possible :)
    I like the soft colours in this deck

    1. That is interesting about the three-legged tables or stools; they do not wobble as much as four-legged ones, but any weight on the edge instead of in the center will cause them to tip over. I'm sure there's some bit of wisdom here if I can thaw my brain out enough to process it... lol.

    2. Perhaps trying to keep calm and centered ????? :D

    3. Hee hee; As the saying goes "Don't overlook the obvious." :D Thanks for pointing it out to my foggy brain my friend. :)