I use tarot and oracle cards as tools for reflection and contemplation. Rather than divining the future, they are a way for me to look more deeply at the "now."
"The goal isn't to arrive, but to meander, to saunter, to make your life a holy wandering." ~ Rami Shapiro

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Enthusiasm with Experience

This week I'll be using the Shining Tribe Tarot, a deck and book set created by Rachel Pollack and published by Llewellyn. The oracle I'll be using is a wooden set of Animal Tiles, hand pyroetched by my multi-talented friend Carole. My draws this morning were the Place of Trees (Page of Wands) and the "Green Anole:"
 In the Shining Tribe, Pollack uses places to represent the Pages of each suit; this card reminds me of an Eden-like garden. Like the Page, I am most enthusiastic when I have a purpose. And when I am without one for any length of time then suddenly discover one, it does feel like finding an oasis in a desert. Such a purpose may involve learning about and enjoying the wonders of what is around me, working on a creative project, or being of service to others. It fuels my inner fire and makes me want to be alive.
The green anole is a small lizard found in temperate areas of the South. The male, with his extended, pink dewlap, is quite like the over-confident Page who exclaims, "Look at me! Look at what I know and can do!" The big difference is the Page doesn't have enough life experience to have produced a lot of common sense. The green anole, on the other hand, has developed coping mechanisms to survive. He can change from bright green to dark brown when he needs to blend in to his surroundings, and he has an autotomic tail that will break off and continue to move to distract predators. This lizard's arrival suggests I need to have a protective back-up plan before I dive into anything. Over-confidence and excitement can lead me into situations where I am taken advantage of or overspend when it comes to energy, time or money.


  1. Ha ha I know how difficult it is to temperate your enthusiasm when you have found a new purpose and or project. That lizard is a great example how we could show a bit more King mentality in a Page experience.
    I hope you have such a goal and if not you will find one soon. :D

    1. Heehee, it is nice to feel this Page's energy and eagerness, but I need to learn how use it in increments instead of getting doused with it!

  2. Ha, yes, I'm with you on the needing a sense of purpose. However, I don't so much need a back-up plan as a priority list! :D Then again, maybe that's my support plan, a way to deal with all that creativity bit by bit...

    1. I can definitely see the importance of a priority list! I think I phrased that line badly - it probably should read a protective "back-up out of the mess I stepped in" plan, lol.