I use tarot and oracle cards as tools for reflection and contemplation. Rather than divining the future, they are a way for me to look more deeply at the "now."
"The goal isn't to arrive, but to meander, to saunter, to make your life a holy wandering." ~ Rami Shapiro

Friday, November 11, 2016

Fallow Fields

From the Shadowscapes Tarot, the Star; from the Cedar Runes, Ing/Ingwaz:
          All of the elements - earth, air, fire and water - seem mixed up in this card. The mix reflects my emotional hangover after all the highs and lows of the week. (The fire and election being a low, and my cards being sent to the printer a high.) Now that the adrenaline rush has ended, I feel an emptiness. I am tempted to quickly fill the void with some kind of busyness, yet the Star encourages me to pause and take advantage of this quiet space. I need to relax, rest and breathe deeply; when my body and mind recuperate, the elements will sort themselves out. Ingwaz represents a harvest god and suggests a productive union. I get the impression that if I want to be creative again (in all areas of life), I need some time off. It is my nature to be doing or planning, but to let my fields lie fallow would better serve me by clearing my mental and emotional congestion.
The space and quiet that idleness provides is a necessary condition for standing back from life and seeing it whole, for making unexpected connections and waiting for the wild summer lightning strikes of inspiration—it is, paradoxically, necessary to getting any work done. 
~ Tim Kreider 


  1. May the energy of The Star bring you comfort for your emotional hangover. Congrats on completing your deck project and hopefully we get a peak. I love the Star Cards, they are an omen of comfort and healing and I always make a wish when I draw one.

    1. Thank you, Carolyn. Funny you mentioned making a wish - in my journal today, the last line I wrote was, "May America be filled with loving-kindness." :)

  2. Harvesting peace and a sense of safety, a trust in the Universe, is what I see in these two. I wish that for myself, and for others, too. Though it then strikes me that some others voted as they did precisely seeking those things. Here in the UK, those who voted to leave Europe to have greater control/safety are faced today with the S&P downgrading the UK for the second time...
    I like your wish, and add my own: May we make it through these turbulent waters with our ability to trust and hope intact.

    1. I agree with you; I think both the Trump supporters and Brexit voters were suffering and frustrated with the way things were. They grabbed on to what they thought might be different/better (more of an emotional vote than a thoughtful one, perhaps). Well let's make my wish worldwide:
      May all beings everywhere be filled with loving-kindness,
      May they be well,
      May they be peaceful and at ease,
      May they be happy.

  3. Lie down a minute, the feeling will pass. Once you start cleaning house mentally or physically, they expect you to do it all the time.

    1. I've been trained to stay busy; it's been a new way of living to learn how to just be still.